Be it building dams or building websites, the engineer in me is always as excited to learn…

After four years of crazy studying hours, insane assignments, gruelling exams and wild expectations, I made it! I was an engineer! A young energetic civil engineer who had a job in hand when she stepped out of college. I had made my parents proud and secured a stable future for myself.

The close to five years of construction industry experience was full of excitement and learning for me and I believe that experience has made me what I am today. From Project Planning to Quality Assurance & Quality Control to Project Execution, all those stints at work taught me so many skills that has become so much part of my work style.

Five years ago when we had an option to move to USA for my husband’s work, I chose to take a break from my work and spend some quality time with my son who was one year old at that time. This was also the time we had our second child, my drama queen daughter. During this episode of my life I had a feeling I had all the beautiful things in my life that one could ever ask for — a doting husband, two adorable kids, finances taken care of, nice and comfortable home and enough time for my hobbies. But deep inside me I was always craving for the routine and sense of self I had when I used to work.

At first, most of my thinking led me to the conclusion that I couldn’t get back to work in a realistic way. But then I realized that my parenting duties were not so overwhelming anymore and the idea of going back to work looked feasible. Now, the harsh reality was I had to do lot of studies to either get a licence to be able to work as a Civil Engineer here in North America or go for Post Graduation in Civil Engineering. Phew… This situation entailed a plethora of contemplation as both these options looked next to impossible, considering the fact that I had a family to attend.

Around this time when I was desperately looking for my options to get back to work, my husband, who is a software engineer himself, introduced me to a book on HTML and CSS, which I found really engaging. Just after two days of scrambling through the book I was creating web pages on my humble laptop. With the very first line of code that I wrote- “Hello World”, in a way I had greeted the industry I was about to be a part of.

I was excited, I had found my calling and there was no looking back ever since. When I started learning JavaScript I felt the same joy that had sparked in me when I had learned C (programming language) as my elective course during second semester of my engineering studies. And so, I took up some online courses and a course in JavaScript through distance learning from University of California, Irvin. Thereafter, each website that I built and each course that I completed solidified my conviction for following this passion of mine.

Problem solving has always excited me and motivated me to look for alternative ways to getting to the solution. Maybe it makes more neuron connections in my brain and I keep getting better at it. I just love learning new things for sure.

I want to make a career in this Web Development industry because here you are always on your toes to match up with the ever evolving technology. You are always pushing yourself to get better at it. I get to see that I am creating internet and this is just amazing. The thrill that I get when I see my projects live, motivates me to build more.

Now, when I am doing my Web Development Immersive Bootcamp at Juno College I have a strong feeling that I am on the right track on my journey to be a Great Web developer and I can foresee my self building beautiful and engaging websites.

Front-end Web Developer, Bootcamp grad, learning Full-stack Web Development

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