Rest Parameter uses the same syntax (…) like Spread operator, but the use and functionality is little different.

We know that many JavaScript built-in functions support an arbitrary number of arguments. For instance:

  • Math.max(arg1, arg2, ..., argN) – returns the greatest of the arguments.
  • Object.assign(dest, src1, ..., srcN) – copies…
Spread Operator Syntax

In JavaScript ES6 has brought with it some really interesting features that has added expressive power to the language. Even though these tools allow us to perform some common operations, they are worth understanding because they do their job in a more concise and elegant way. …

The three floats { float: left }

We see the images in newspaper and articles are placed in certain position with rest of the content wrapped around it. But how is this possible because by default, block-level elements will not line up beside one another in a column-based format. …

Bhagirthi Jhamb

Front-end Web Developer, Bootcamp grad, learning Full-stack Web Development

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